How to clean the Fanaway 
It's very easy to clean the blades of the Fanaway, simply pull the blades out when the fan is turned off. You need to hold onto two blades and slowly pull them out in the same direction that the blades would usually open. The mechanism is fairly tight so you need to use a bit of pressure to pull them out. Make sure you pull both two blades at the same time as pulling one could cause damage as the pressure is too much over the one blade. Once you have them out you can wipe them down with a damp cloth. Soap or chemicals should not be used and may cause damage to the blades.

See how easy it is to clean the Fanaway

Reversible Function
All Fanaway models (EVO1, 2, 3 and Classic) include a reversible option. This allows for the recirculation of warm air down into the living space during winter, reducing your heating bill.

Installation Instructions - changing the light globe
  Fanaway Light installation (PDF)

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