In 2004, innovator Joe Villella had a vision to create a ceiling fan that had blades concealed within the confines of a light pendant and only transformed into a ceiling fan when it was switched on.

Neil Waldbaum, Industrial Designer was commissioned to come up with a working prototype of Joe's vision. After a busy year the first working prototype was created. It consisted of a very unique synchronized retraction mechanism and a uniquely shaped aerodynamic blade design capable of stacking over each other in retracted mode and generating significant airflow when the blades were deployed.

Fanaway appeared on the ‘New Inventors’ TV show on ABCTV on October 5th 2005, and won the Peoples Choice for that episode.  Soon after, negotiations were entered into with Beacon Lighting to develop the product to the manufacture and production stage, and further market and distribute Fanaway to the global market place.

The Fanaway range is available exclusively at Beacon Lighting stores in Australia and available internationally through Beacon International. 

Fanaway is an International Trademark and is now a multi-national brand name for a range of technologically advanced retracting blade ceiling fans.

 Fanaway US patents and Design Registrations current.

US Patent No 8,790,085 
US Patent No 8,317,470 
US Patent No 8,807,938 
US Patent No 9,255,584 
US Design Registration D631955