International Patents

The Australian-invented and designed Fanaway range is available exclusively at Beacon Lighting in Australia and internationally through Beacon International.

Fanaway International Patents and Design Registrations current.

Australian Patents

Australian Patent No. 2006269825

Australian Patent No. 2008362348

Australian Patent no. 2012201780

Australian Patent No. 2013203412

Australian Patent No. 2015202556

Australian Patent Application No. 2021269441

Australian Design No. 202015447

Australian Design No. 341579

Australian Design No. 341580

Australian Patent No. 2013228000

Chinese Patents

Chinese Patent No. ZL200680032396.1

Chinese Patent No. ZL200880131045.5

European Patents

European Patent No. 1904793

European Patent No. 08877118.3

European Community Design No. 001062764

European Community Design No. 001062764-0001

European Community Design No. 001062764-0002

European Patent No. 2400158

Validated EPC states include Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. 

European Community design rights cover all European Union countries.

Hong Kong Patents

Hong Kong Patent No. HK1161340

Hong Kong Patent No. HK1160906

Macao Patents

Macao Patent No. J/001662

Malaysian Patents

Malaysian Patent No. MY-145779-A

Malaysian Patent No. MY-152665-A

New Zealand Patents

New Zealand Design No. 428119

Singapore Patents

Singapore Patent No. 163599

Singapore Patent No. 168397

Singapore Patent No. 177949

Singapore Patent No. 177950

Singapore Patent No. 177048

Thailand Patents

Thai Patent No. 1101000912

UK Patents

UK Patent No. 1904793

UK Patent No. 2329188

UK Design No. 90010627640002

UK Design No. 90010627640001

US Patents

US Patent No. 8317470

US Patent No. 8807938

US Patent No. 8790085

US Patent No. 9255584

US Patent No. 8851841